YWC Towson Branch President Matt Heimbach addresses the SGA (photo by Elaina Clarke)

 In a vote of 10-5, the Towson University SGA officially affiliated Youth for Western Civilization as a group on campus, during a meeting held at the University Union last Tuesday.

 The much debated vote came after nearly two hours of back-and-forth by students and YWC group members, and later SGA members. According to the YWC mission statement on their website, the organization exists to “organize, educate, and train activists dedicated to the revival of Western Civilization.” However, many students voiced concern during the open-floor portion of the meeting about the focus of the group.

 “As a tuition and fee paying student of Towson University, this is not a group that I want to see my money going to support,” Theatre Design and Production major Skye Pollard said, addressing the SGA.

 “Honestly from what has been said already from the founding members, YWC is here to disturb the peace,” Speech Language Pathology major Sara Bielecki said. “They are provoking people and antagonizing our peaceful multicultural environment on campus.”

 However, chapter president of Towson YWC Matt Heimbach says his organization’s “exact purpose is to combat radical multiculturalism, political correctness, racial preferences, mass immigration, and socialism through education.”

 Regardless of the vote, Towson students remain concerned about the future of the campus now that the group has been affiliated.

 “I feel this group poses a threat, not to the wellbeing of individual students, but to the progress of the campus as a whole. Because these individuals are such self-proclaimed extreme conservatives, I feel students who don’t share their beliefs may be set back,” Pollard said.

 Heimbach says the group’s upcoming events will honor “the Jewish people, African Americans, and our veterans.”


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