Q. Why should students get involved in community service?

A. Corrine DeRoberts, Coordinator of Community Service on campus, says students can learn their role in the greater community by becoming involved in service projects. “Community Service benefits the entire society. They (college students) learn about others who are different from themselves and those who may not have the same privileges,” she said.

Q. How can students make a difference if they are financially burdened?

A. Giving back does not have to include monetary donations. A student’s time is of utmost importance and greatly benefits whatever service project in which they are involved.

Q. How “giving” is Towson University?

A. DeRoberts said each student organization on campus is required to do community service of some type. In addition, there are 14 student organizations solely dedicated to service.

Q. What is the most popular form of community service on campus?

A. As of earlier this semester, students are very involved in environmental projects, mostly involving “cleaning up the environment,” DeRoberts said.

Q. How can students get involved?

A. Keep your eyes open: campus flyers, Daily Digest articles, and group events are all around campus. You can also get involved through the Office of Student Activities.

Q. Where can students go to learn more about volunteer opportunities?

A. In addition to flyers, group meetings, and other avenues of involvement, you can find more volunteer opportunities on the Towson University website. Here there are countless venues where students can make a difference, from homelessness to domestic violence.


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