Students raise money for a bilingual school in Honduras through a Yoga for Honduras charity event (photo by Elaina Clarke/TU student)

As students try to combat the growing stress and anxiety of finals, it can be easy to overlook the giving spirit of the holiday season.

Junior Psychology major Christa Morton says many students, held back by school obligations, are unable to find time to give back.

“Some people get very involved in community service, where others do not because they are very busy with their school load and experiencing college life,” she says.

But for some students, giving back is not only an activity, but a way of life.

Helen Osun, a Senior Business Administration major with a concentration in International Business, has been involved in community service throughout her entire life. When she came to Towson, she used the college’s resources to give back in new ways.

“When I came into freshman year in college, I signed up for a lot of community service projects such as Project Serve,” she said. “Project Serve was basically the kick-off for all the community service activities that I’ve been involved in.”

College can, in many ways, provide students with unique opportunities to give back.

Allison Glensor, a Junior Mass Communications major and secretary of the Towson Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, is attending college on a Students in Service scholarship. Through this scholarship, she must complete 300 hours of “direct service” in 365 days.

To Glensor, giving back is a way of life that requires sacrifice and dedication. She says it requires “one must set time aside and make sacrifices.”

But in the end, Morton says that sacrifice helps both the person giving and the person receiving the assistance.

“Community service is important because it is so good for both the people doing and receiving,” she said. “I always feel accomplished, and the service gives me meaning and purpose.”

Watch Helen Osun’s story here.

Read about how students can give back during college here.

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Watch the Yoga for Honduras video here.


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