{December 8, 2011}   College Students Giving Back

With the stress of finals looming, many college students have difficulty finding time to dedicate to community service. But some students have found a balance between studying and giving back, and continue to make a difference in their communities throughout the school year. Read more…


Towson University students were very excited to move into the new West Village Complex at the start of this semester. However, the prices of the Commons convenience store are causing some students ample frustration. Listen to the story here or read the story here.

Staying awake during midterms and finals week is a constant struggle for college students. But there may be ways to stave off exhaustion. Read more…

{September 18, 2011}   SGA Affiliates Controversial Group

In a highly contentious vote, the SGA has affiliated YWC. The SGA’s decision was met with profound criticism from students at the meeting. Read more…

{September 2, 2011}   Starting Fresh

Welcome back to my blog! This semester, I’m excited to continue writing, now as a part of Mass Communications 258: Journalism and New Media II. I’m looking forward to the adventures that await me as a sophomore and budding journalist and I’m so glad my readers can tag along for the ride.

To kick off this new semester as part of MCOM 258, I’d like to take just a moment to tell you, or rather update you, about my shenanigans as a Towson student. I’m a Mass Communications and Deaf Studies double major, with a focus in Journalism. I’m passionate about writing: it’s something I can’t, and wouldn’t want to live without. My ultimate goal (or as Professor Atwater would say, “If the career fairy were standing in front of me”), is to become a sportswriter for the New York Times.

With that said, I can’t wait to start writing articles for this blog once again. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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