{April 9, 2012}   Eating out, on your terms

Eating out should not have to be a frightening experience. There is enough in life that causes stress; dining experiences should not be added to that list. When you’re eating at a restaurant, it’s important to remember that you are still in control of your diet. Just because someone else is preparing your food doesn’t mean you are forced to dig into whatever your mind tells you to order. Just be smart. Drink water throughout the meal to make you more full and hydrated. Check out the menu and nutritional information at home before you leave, and check out the options that will serve your body best. Always choose fruits or vegetables as a side to your entree. Don’t fill up on bread before the meal; if you can, skip the bread entirely. If the menu at the restaurant has  a healthy section, make your selection from there. Don’t be afraid to make substitutions to your meal to enhance its healthy qualities and decrease its fat and calorie content. You can control what you eat. Don’t let peer pressure force you to make bad choices. And most importantly, if you’re full, stop eating. No one is forcing the food down your throat, and there happens to be a refrigerator at home waiting to receive leftovers.


seakist says:

I agree with almost all of this. I don’t agree about fat and calorie count though. I think it’s wiser to go for the merit of the food itself. For instance, 100 calories worth of say, spinach, is a lot better than a 100 calorie candy bar. Spinach can give you a good bowel movement and a candy bar can back you up — especially if it’s loaded with artificial ingredients. And as for fat, there are so many foods high in fat that are good for your health and shouldn’t be feared: such as avocados. So rather than go by fats and calories — ask yourself, is it REAL food? Will it go through my digestive system easily? Or will the chemicals and preservatives in the product hold me back from achieving my health goals?

Otherwise, well done. I think checking out the menu online before you head out is a super idea. I do that all the time and am often pleasantly surprised 🙂

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