{April 3, 2012}   Changing it up

Working out can get pretty boring. Each routine is the same: get on the treadmill for half an hour, take a breather with some ab work outs and call it a day. You might be surprised, however, to learn that a very important part of your healthy lifestyle is varying your work out. It’s surprising how easily your body can get used to your workout regimen. The whole point of exercising is to improve your physical condition, not just of one or two key areas but of your entire body. Don’t settle for one boring routine when you can change up your conditioning and get better workouts at the same time. Remember, cardio isn’t everything. In fact, adding resistance training to your workout will build more muscle and make you more fit, faster. Exercising isn’t about getting on the elliptical and calling it a day; it requires working out the great variety of muscles your body has, and giving yourself the best possible results for the time you spend.


loseitbig says:

I have tons of notes and different sets of exercises in my gym bag. Sometimes I think don’t give one routine enough play time. I like to switch it up but, maybe in my case just a little too often.

It’s good to change it up. Try sticking to a routine at least a few days a week before shifting to a new one, and then alternate between a few. But remember to work out all your muscles!

seakist says:

I totally agree with you! When I was 9, I started out with yoga, bike riding and swimming, but over many years I’ve added a huge variety to my workouts: yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, weight training, dance, etc. Every day I do something different. That’s why I worked out every day for 40 years (except when I’m on vacation, but even then I’ll go to the pool or weight room) — I never got bored. Now at 48, I’m only a few pounds more than I was in high school.

The one thing that remains the same is I like exercising in the early morning. Then you are assured to get the work out in and don’t have to think about it later on. Great post! Thanks!

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