{March 22, 2012}   Resisting the temptation

Every time I go to the gym, I get on the elliptical first. Even though I pop in my music, I can’t help but watch whatever the TV has to offer, and normally, the commercials feature a wide array of restaurants and fast food joints begging for patronage. For some reason, it seems a lot harder to get motivated to work out when you’re staring at Olive Garden’s latest pasta special for a great new low price. But here’s the thing: resisting the urge to race out of the gym and sprint to the nearest restaurant is what makes you stronger. Will power isn’t developed overnight. Just like the muscles you work out, it gets stronger every time you use it. So don’t get discouraged. Be smart, be healthy, and resist all those temptations that could undo your diet and lifestyle. Eventually, saying no will become easier than you ever thought possible.


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