{March 20, 2012}   Spring Break Fever

So it’s spring break. Finally. Time to put away the books and try in some small way to relax. But for many of us, myself included, spring break means the temptation of home cooking. All those foods you avoided while at school seem to be right there in front of you better than ever. After all, they’re home-made. Though it may seem impossible to resist the urge to cheat, there are ways to stay healthy while at home. You can still make healthier choices when you’re folks take you out to eat, and when you eat at home,  you can use portion control to limit how much you eat. If you really want to make a difference, offer to help prepare meals using your knowledge f healthy cooking. Chances are you’ll make something you’re family will love and perhaps even teach them a thing or two about good eating habits.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, but try to make good choices just the same and remember that this is a lifestyle. Don’t just forget about nutrition facts because you’re on spring break; instead, incorporate what you have learned on your healthy living journey into your everyday choices. You might not be able to be as healthy as you normally are, but you can still make a difference by being smart. Most importantly, don’t feel bad or let others make you feel bad about your eating choices. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is admirable and should be praised, not chastised. Be good to yourself and your body, no matter what people around you say.


Raleigh Kennedy says:

thanks for the insightful tip!

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