{March 11, 2012}   Here’s to Home Cooking!

There’s nothing quite like making your own meal. It’s true that eating out is easier and less strenuous and depending on your cooking abilities, it might even taste a lot better. But cooking your own food is a great way to watch what you eat and become an active participant in your healthy lifestyle. In the kitchen, you can control portion size and ingredients, making it that much easier to choose healthy options. Last night, my roommate and I ventured down to the dorm kitchen and made some pasta with tomato sauce. Pasta isn’t the healthiest way to go, but portion control makes it an “ok” food now and again (try whole wheat noodles to make your pasta more diet-friendly).  We made an entire box, gave some to our friend down the hall, and bagged up the  rest for dinners throughout the week. I checked the serving size and had about one serving, which brought me to under 400 calories including tomato sauce; that’s pretty good for a dinner portion. If you’re not sure what to make, print out some healthy recipes and go shopping throughout the week to make sure you’ll have the proper ingredients for your evening cooking experience. Making your own food is a smart way to control your own meals while having a good, stress-relieving time. So get cooking!


Raleigh Kennedy says:

oh yeah pasta yeah!

Raleigh Kennedy says:


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