{March 7, 2012}   Water…is it really that important?

So you get to the gym after a long, hard day and you realize you forgot a water bottle. Eh, so what? You’ll grab a drink after you’re done. Everybody says that hydration is important when working out. But is it really that important? In short, yes. Staying hydrated is something you should keep up with all the time, whether in the gym or just sitting at home. When you’re thirsty, your body is trying to tell you it is already dehydrated, so drink slowly and steadily throughout your workout. But remember: don’t down a whole glass of H2O before you get to the elliptical; too much liquids can cause cramping.While we’re on the subject of water, you might be surprised that it actually has benefits beyond that of quenching your thirst. Studies show that it can actually have a positive affect on your mood. So next time you’re feeling blue, take a bottle of Aquafina and head to the gym. Check out this video for more on hydration!



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