{February 24, 2012}   The Old College Try

This past Monday I went to the gym alone, as I always do on Mondays. I hadn’t been to the gym for the past two days (I always take Saturday and Sunday off), and I most certainly felt the time away. The elliptical felt 10 times harder than usual, and I had very little motivation to work on my crunches and other ab exercises. It was, in no uncertain terms, a fail. But I stuck it out until I was done, sweating and panting all the way. And the next day, my workout was that much easier. So here’s what I’m getting at: the more you go, the more you push yourself, the easier your workouts will become. If you give yourself a reason to quit, the next day will prove even easier to give up and go home, and eventually you’ll stop working out altogether. It’s very important to stick to your routine and turn that workout schedule into habit. A couple of weeks after I started working out, I became frustrated with the lack of visible results. This is a common problem for people trying to lose weight : If I don’t look better, why stick with it? But the only way to see a change, is to make that change happen. Be your own motivation. And remember, being healthy is not just a diet or a workout routine: It’s a way of life.


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