{February 15, 2012}   Making the right choices

Eating healthy does not have to mean removing everything but green vegetables from your diet. It means making the right choices to keep your weight in check and your overall health at its best. Here are a few tips to make the transition to healthy eating a bit easier: Firstly, try to replace soda and juice with water, which will quench your thirst without packing on the calories. Juice may seem like a healthy option, but it’s very high in calories and sugar, so be careful. As college students, it may be hard to limit your alcohol intake, but just that simple change can make a huge difference in the amount of calories you consume in a given week. Sweets are something many of us simply cannot live without. To satisfy that craving, reach for an apple or orange instead. For a healthy midday sweet treat, try a yogurt. Many of us are tempted to eat when we see others eating, but remember: only eat if you’re hungry. College is home to snackers, me included. When you’re doing homework, it’s all too easy to reach for a bag of chips to get you through. But trust me: your eyes will always be hungrier than your stomach. If you really are hungry and want to stave off some calories, try drinking hot tea. Hot liquids are filling and, while it won’t fill you up completely, it will hold you over until your next meal. With the right choices, you can make healthy eating a way of life.


Raleigh Kennedy says:

if you think it…it will come true!

Those right choices can often be hard. Good tips on how to make it a little easier.

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