{February 14, 2012}   Seeing the real you

Everyone has insecurities. Each day we scrutinize ourselves, trying desperately to determine what’s wrong with our appearances and how that inherent flaw can be corrected. I’m no exception. Every time I pass the mirror I catch myself quickly examining the image in front of me. Do I look fat? Is my hair out of place? Oftentimes, in our zeal to point out our negative qualities, we lose sight of what makes us unique. Dieting can be dangerous because it can make us go overboard in our quests for “the perfect body.” Dr. Jamie Fenton, Psychologist and Coordinator of Eating Disorder Services at Towson University’s Counseling Center, says “Many people begin diets because they have a poor body image. They strive to lose weight as a method of feeling better about themselves and their bodies, operating under what we call the fantasy of thinness-that one’s life will be perfect at a low weight or thin body.” Dr. Fenton also stresses that not only is dieting normally ineffective (“95% of dieters regain the weight and more within one to five years”) but it is also extremely dangerous, as it can lead to eating disorders. Being healthy means making the right choices on a day-to-day permanent basis. Instead of crash diets and weight loss pills, try making healthy choices every day. Work out as a part of your weekly routine. And most importantly, learn to see yourself in a positive light. As Dr. Fenton says, “Your body is a part of you but not all of you.” Being healthy starts on the inside.


This is some good insight. Being healthy really is about having a strong internal drive and passion for it.

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