{February 9, 2012}   The importance of workout buddies

The first day of my new workout routine, which happened to be the third day back at school, I went to the gym alone. It wasn’t my choice; my class schedule just didnt mesh with my friends’. So, at 10 in the morning, I walked to the gym, confident that my semester would be a fit and trim one. And then I got on the elliptical. Working out by yourself can be effective, and even fun, but without someone there to motivate you, it is oftentimes harder than it has to be. Workout buddies are important for a number of reasons. They are there with you to share in the pain of your first workout in far too long, and to encourage you when you feel like calling it quits. When you work out alone, there’s no one there to push you to try your best or meet your goal.  You have no one to motivate you and no one to impress. The Fit Food Junkie blog gives similar tips and, in the post linked to above, talks about the importance of working out with friends. To truly be successful in a diet and exercise regimen, or even to just make healthy choices, having a friend beside you is invaluable. in the So the next time you hit the gym or endure the last salad you think you can stomach, have a friend or two come along for moral support. Who knows, they might just learn from your example and make some healthier choices themselves.


I’d have to agree with you on this, workout partners definitly do help. Last year I had some and it helped me push myself further than when I am working out alone. Though I am pushing myself even more now, it would still be nice to find a workout partner..

Raleigh Kennedy says:

great post! thanks for the tip ;)!

Have you tried making a workout schedule that you and your friends could stick to?

Thanks for the shout out! Love what you said, so important! You got this 🙂

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