{February 7, 2011}   Introductions

Hey all!

Welcome to my blog :). Needless to say, I’m relatively new to the blogosphere, and I’m very excited to broaden my horizons through this class (Journalism and New Media I) and blog. If there’s anything I’m passionate about, it’s writing. To that end, I’m pursuing a mass communications degree at Towson University, working towards becoming a journalist (ideally for the New York Times). I’m an avid sports fan: writing about sports is not only my passion, but my ultimate goal.

I guess it’s important to tell you a little about myself, outside of academics. I’m originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, but I grew up in Mount Airy. Seeing as both my parents are originally from New York, I visited there often when I was growing up, and I absolutely love it. The atmosphere, the people—everything about New York seemingly exemplifies the American spirit. (Can you tell where I want to live after college? ;)) Some random information about me: I have two siblings, love animals (I’m a cat person), and I’m convinced there is coffee, rather than blood, flowing through my veins.

That said, I’m very excited to write this blog and see where it goes from here! 🙂


Welcome to MCOM 257, Elaina. I have coffee flowing through my veins as well. 🙂

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